When a background check is needed to verify the truth someone is telling you, we have a team of experts who are ready to meet your needs.  We do not simply run data base searches but we provide you with a licensed private investigator you can actually speak to about your needs and to talk about each and every background check we do.  With every background check, our investigators carefully, methodically and personally scour through the most update information available that is often not found in public databases.

Some background checks can be completed with one investigator in a matter of moments.  Other background checks can require a team of investigators, hours of surveillance and several weeks to complete.  Whether you need a quick background check or a customized program we are here to meet your needs. Call us today to speak with one of our licensed investigators who will stay with you through the entire process, run a quick background check for you or customize an entire program specific to your needs.

Whether you are vetting potential employees, tenants, volunteers, nannies or just checking on someone you are dating, we are ready to tailor an entire program or complete a simple search for you.  Know the truth about someone quickly and easily, let us do the work and due diligence for you.

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