Joel, our lead investigator, has over 30 years of law enforcement experience.  Joel is very familiar with the policies and procedures of law enforcement officers and as a private investigator, he has the training and experience to play a crucial role in any criminal investigation.

Most law enforcement agencies are overloaded with a high volume of calls, often resulting in officers not conducting as thorough of investigations as they would like to.  With his experience, Joel can read a police report and often discern what needs to be done and often times develop new theories about the case.  Our team of investigators will aggressively conduct and complete a thorough investigation by scouring police reports, locating witnesses, conducting witness interviews, gathering, collecting and securing evidence and developing a complete picture of what took place.  

Our team of investigators will focus on the smallest of details and will not stop until we have exhausted every possible lead and closely examined every detail.

We will take the time necessary to put together a case for your defense attorney by finding facts that may not have been discovered earlier, they were simply overlooked, or they were misinterpreted.  

It can't be stated enough that there are great men and women selflessly performing their duties as law enforcement officials day in and day out.  Joel and his team of criminal defense investigators has the experience and expertise to validate the good work performed by law enforcement and to evaluate the same work for errors, inconsistencies and for possible evidence that was overlooked.

Your attorney is an expert with the law and the legal procedures surrounding your case, Joel can provide valuable knowledge and insight to your attorney about police policies and procedures that your attorney may otherwise not be aware of.

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