Few things in life are more destructive and devastating than the betrayal of a cheating spouse or loved one.  If you suspect your spouse or loved one is cheating the fact is you cannot run away from your suspicions nor can you run away from the brokenness a cheater leaves behind.  Finding out your spouse or loved one has cheated may leave you feeling like you got hit by a ton of bricks and you may be left feeling like you are riding an emotional roller coaster. 

The first step to healing is uncovering the affair and revealing the transgressions of the cheating spouse or loved one.  This isn't to embarrass or bring shame or guilt to anyone, but to reveal the truth so the process of healing can begin.  We will walk along side you as you start down the path of uncovering the truth.  We offer a variety of services including surveillance and GPS tracking to determine if your spouse or loved one is cheating.  

As we walk down the path of discovery, we would encourage you to not make any quick decisions about ending your relationship.  We would encourage you to take the time to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions and whether or not the marriage or relationship can be saved. 

If you need assistance with finding out if your loved one is cheating, call us so the healing can begin.  Of course, the initial consultation and entire investigation is confidential. 

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