The majority of people who are being served papers are cooperative and are easily located.   Others have to be tracked down, followed, positively identified and then personally served.  Our team of investigators are trained to locate, surveil and positively identify people.  In difficult cases, we will use nationwide data bases and surveillance techniques to watch day-to-day movements of people.  We will get familiar with a persons daily routines and activities in order to legally serve them.

We may use our experience and training to do the following:

  • Use skip tracing techniques to find, locate and serve the correct individual
  • Use proper surveillance techniques
  • Use our experience and training to diffuse difficult and dangerous situations
  • Use multiple investigators when needed
  • Provide proof of service to the courts

Whether you need one paper served or a customized program with a volume of papers, call us today.  You will speak with one of our licensed investigators who will serve your paper or customize an entire program individually tailored for you.  Our friendly licensed investigator will stay with you through the entire process.

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